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Refuse To Be A Victim


    The single most important step toward ensuring your own safety is having a personal safety strategy in place before you need it. NRA’s Refuse To Be A Victim® program teaches the tips and techniques you need to be alerted to dangerous situations and to avoid becoming a victim. Topics covered during the seminar include:

  • Mental Preparedness – Prepare yourself for any situation that may arise.
  • Home Security - Securing what's inside your house, as well as outside your house.
  • Physical Security – Don’t ignore your instincts – if something feels wrong, it probably is!
  • Travel Security – Making sure you are safe no matter where you are.
  • Cyber Security – Technological advances have made individuals more vulnerable to being victimized.
  • Self-Defense Training – What type of training can you take to help you?
  • Automobile Security – Equip yourself with the necessities for any type of situation.
  • Personal Defense Devices – Tools that you can use for personal protection.
  • Psychology of Criminals – Understand what makes a criminal a predator.

    "Crimes of Opportunity" are those committed without planning or forethought; when criminals realize they have a chance to commit a crime, they seize the opportunity. Don't be an easy target.

Facility: Randolph Health
Location: Randolph Health - Private Dining Room
Type: Class
Preregistration: Required
Phone: 336.633.7788
Language: English
Registration has closed

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